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Year 2 Maths Assessment Framework Checklists

image of Year 2 Maths Assessment Framework Checklists
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This Year 2 Maths assessment pack contains a series of checklists that teachers can use to assess their class against the End of KS1 Teacher Assessment Framework (TAF) for mathematics.

The checklists can be used as a record of where evidence can be found to show whether pupils are working towards, working at or greater depth in maths and could be used to finalise teacher judgements prior to writing moderations within a school or before external moderation.

A selection of formats are included that could be used as assessment records by the teacher or could be placed inside pupils’ books to keep a running record of their achievements.

  • Teacher notes
  • Teacher Assessment Sheets (2 versions)
  • Pupil Assessment Sheets (2 versions)
  • Working Towards Sheet
  • Working At Sheet
  • Greater Depth Sheet
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