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Year 3 Grammar Revision Worksheets – KS2 SPaG

image of Year 3 Grammar Revision Worksheets – KS2 SPaG
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These KS2 PDF worksheets review the grammar and punctuation objectives covered during Year 3.

They are an excellent way to identify areas of strength or weakness in preparation for the next school year, and to revise this content before SATs in Year 6.

The worksheets are divided into five different types of activity including writing challenges and GPS sample test questions:

  • Understand
    Use coordinating conjunctions to complete these sentences, fill in the missing spaces with prepositions, complete sentences in the present perfect and much more.
  • Challenge
    Write sentences about the images provided by using the SPaG features listed.
  • Test
    In your own word, explain what each of these grammar features are
  • Explain
    Circle all of the conjunctions in the sentences, tick the sentences that contain prepositions and much more
  • Apply
    Write a story about the image provided, showing that you can use as many of the grammatical features listed as possible.

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Plan writing by discussing writing similar to that which they are planning to write in order to understand and learn from its structure, vocabulary and grammar

Evaluate and edit by proposing changes to grammar and vocabulary to improve consistency, including the accurate use of pronouns in sentences

Learning the grammar for Year 3 in English Appendix 2

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