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Year 6 Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation – KS2 SPaG Assessment and Revision Resource Pack

image of Year 6 Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation – KS2 SPaG Assessment and Revision Resource Pack
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This vocabulary, grammar and punctuation pack will help teachers to develop and assess Year 6 pupils’ understanding of the VGP terminology in Appendix 2 of the English Primary Curriculum. The resources could be completed during whole class work or are perfect for small group adult led tasks that could be used as an intervention to work on particular SPaG skills.

Pupils will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in short tasks that could be used to assess their understanding and application of key writing skills. The resource could be used throughout year 6 to revisit and assess skills, at the end of the year or at the beginning of year 7 to revisit skills previously learnt and identify gaps in pupils knowledge.

What is included in this VGP resource pack?

  • VGP match cards
    Match terminology from Appendix 2 with definitions and examples.
  • Can you spot ...? activities
    A collection of short tasks, designed to give pupils the opportunity to identify examples VGP taught throughout year 6.
  • Writing skills activities
    A variety of images and writing prompts are used to inspire pupils writing and can be used to assess their application of skills taught.
  • Year 6 VGP assessment checklist
    A class assessment sheet is supplied for teachers to use when assessing pupils help identify gaps in knowledge and plan future lessons.

New terminology for year 6 (from English Appendix 2)

  • subject
  • object
  • active
  • passive
  • synonym
  • antonym
  • ellipsis
  • hyphen
  • colon
  • semi-colon
  • bullet points

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Pupils should develop their understanding of the concepts set out in English Appendix 2 by:

  • recognising vocabulary and structures that are appropriate for formal speech and writing, including the subjunctive forms
  • using passive verbs to affect the presentation of information in a sentence
  • learning the grammar for years 5 and 6 in English Appendix 2

Pupils should be taught to indicate grammatical and other features by:

  • using hyphens to avoid ambiguity
  • using semi-colons, colons and dashes to mark boundaries between independent clauses
  • using a colon to introduce a list
  • punctuating bullet points consistently

Pupils should use and understand the grammatical terminology in English Appendix 2 accurately and appropriately when discussing their writing and reading.

  • Teacher notes
  • Match cards
  • Can you spot? cards
  • Writing skills cards
  • Assessment sheet
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