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How to teach expanded noun phrases (Year 4)

Unit 5


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Beginning with a discussion about nouns, Rachel moves on to look at how we identify a noun phrase and how they give more information about a noun - allowing us to be more specific with descriptions. She examines the different ways in which noun phrases are constructed, by expanding before and after the noun. And whereas noun phrases are often made by adding adjectives, this session looks also about how other word classes (e.g. nouns and adverbs) can also form part of an expanded noun phrase. When expanding nouns after the noun, Rachel looks at how prepositional phrases can create an expanded noun phrase. This is developed into an activity where children are asked to develop their own expanded noun phrases follow the word ‘with’ in an unfinished sentence. Finally, this session emphasises how using expanded noun phrases is about more than adding adjectives, looking at how this works in context to improve the quality of writing.

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Rachel Clarke

Directory of the Primary English literacy consultancy, Rachel has over 20 years’ experience in primary education, in which time she has been a SENCO, English subject lead and deputy headteacher. She previously worked as an English consultant for Coventry Local Authority and has written for publishers including Collins and Teach Primary magazine.

About the Course

Whether you’re looking to teach joining words with ‘and’ in Year 1, or you need your Year 6s to recognise the subjunctive form, this series of grammar videos from Rachel Clarke will arm you with some excellent strategies.

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