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KS2 Persuasive Writing Topic - Eating Insects


A fun and exciting way to teach writing for a purpose in KS2 English lessons – asking pupils to convince a school member to eat insects! The resources in this pack provide an engaging way to gather writing evidence.

Included in this pack are:

* 5 lesson plans on persuasive writing.
* PowerPoint – an introduction to entomophagy (the eating of insects) including a quiz.
* 6 question cards to prompt discussion about entomophagy.
* 6 question prompt cards with answers.
* 1 research prompt card to support children in researching the eating of insects.
* 1 research card with answers.
* Entomophagy vocabulary – 11 technical words and their definitions for children to use in their writing.
* Edible insects fact sheet.
* Persuasive writing planning worksheet.
* Persuasive writing editing cards.