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KS2 Preposition Cards and Posters


This pack contains posters and cards illustrating 19 different prepositions to support activities in KS2 GPS lessons.

There are two versions of each poster:

  • Labelled – each image is accompanied with the preposition it is illustrating.
  • Unlabelled – the pictures appear without text. Children can then be challenged to identify the preposition each poster represents

There are four sizes of each poster:

  • Table use – these cards can be used at a table to support writing.
  • Completed poster – these SPaG posters can go straight onto your classroom wall. The image is accompanied by a label.
  • Blank poster – the posters here are blank and ready for your class to add their own text in the speech bubbles provided. These can then be arranged around the poster.
  • Giant poster – a large version of the blank poster. This can be printed off in four parts and assembled to create a larger display.

Blank speech bubbles are also included in the pack.