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KS2 Story Starters: Writing Posters With Model Sentences

This pack contains seven interactive posters illustrating different ways in which a writer can begin a story in an engaging way in KS2 English lessons.

Each poster uses an arresting image to suggest a story and these are accompanied by model opening sentences. Children can use these sentences as inspiration and they can be magpied as a structure for similar opening sentences to hook in the reader.

Blank word balloon templates enable you to use the children’s own ideas for display - pupils can find great opening sentences in books they have read and add these to the posters in the balloons provided.

There are two versions of each poster:

* Completed poster - these writing posters can go straight onto your classroom wall. The image is accompanied by model text opening sentences for a story start device.
* Blank poster - these posters are blank and ready for the class to add their own text in the blank speech bubbles provided. These can then be arranged around the poster. Our example text bubbles can be included as well.

Also included are:
* Pupil worksheets - these templates are blank except for the image at the centre of the page. Children can use the blank boxes to add their own story starter sentences.