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KS2 Victorian Phrases And Idioms - Inference And Writing Activities

The Victorian idioms in this pack are a fun and interactive way to practise inference and reading comprehension skills. For example, did you know that if a Victorian were to say "Nanty narking" they would mean something is 'great fun'. Children can also enhance their writing by adding idioms or extra detail to stories which take place in historical settings.

The pack contains:

* Victorian phrase cards – the cards are presented on separate pieces of paper so that they can be shared amongst pupils in a group. Children can discuss the meaning of these phrases out of context. Also included are larger versions of the idioms so that they can be used for display.
* Victorian phrase definitions – these definition cards can be matched up to the Victorian idioms. These definitions are available in a small size for sharing at a table and also for display.
* Victorian phrase answer sheet – this sheet presents the Victorian idioms with their definition.
* Victorian phrase sentence worksheets – children can read the idioms in context and then try to infer their meaning. Two worksheets using different Victorian phrases are included.