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Y1 Display Pack: Rules for Writing Sentences

This display pack is perfect for supporting Year 1 children as they learn to write simple sentences. Two sets of materials are included:

Set 1 reminds pupils to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop, and to read their final sentence to check that it makes sense.

Set 2 builds upon this and includes the information above plus reminders to form letters correctly and use ‘and’ to extend sentences.

Each set could be used at different stages as sentence writing progresses throughout year 1. It also enables you to easily differentiate by giving pupils resources appropriate for their stage of development in writing. Both sets include:

* 'Writing Sentence Rules' poster for use as a table mat or as display
* 'Writing Sentence Rules' poster set, with individual elements separated for larger wall displays
* Writing Sentences bookmarks, which can be stuck in pupils' books for them to refer to when writing.