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Year 2 Homophones Worksheet: Spelling Workouts


These review worksheets, covering the Year 2 homophones and near-homophone list from the English Programme of Study, are an excellent way to revise and practise these words.

Words featured on the sheet include:

there/their/they’re, here/hear, quite/quiet, see/sea, bare/bear, one/won, sun/son, to/too/two, be/bee, blue/blew, night/knight

The worksheets include 5 different activities in which children look at spelling patterns, identify misspelt words and apply their spellings in context.

The worksheets are suitable for Year 2 pupils and older SEN or EAL pupils. They can be used within lessons, as an assessment or as a homework task.

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Want to get a better idea of what this resource looks like? Download a free Spelling Worksheets resource first, here.