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Y1 Reading Comprehension (summer): Have You Seen…?

image of Y1 Reading Comprehension (summer): Have You Seen…?
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This resource is part of our Real Comprehension whole-school programme
Real Comprehension
  • Built in progression from years 1-6
  • 54 original texts to explore
  • Thematic structure encourages sophisticated understanding

This Year 1 reading comprehension unit is based on an original poetry text by children’s author Sue Hardy-Dawson (the text can also be used as a model text - WAGOLL - for developing KS1 writing skills).

Illustrated and plain versions of the text are included for sharing and display - it is also available as a PowerPoint, with or without highlights. An annotated version of the text is provided to support the teacher during close reading, and suggest where clarification, drama, discussion or visualisation may be needed to aid understanding.

Two resourced lessons with a vocabulary focus are in the pack - looking at the words ‘perhaps’, and ‘bother’, and considering definitions, usage, synonyms and antonyms.

The Y1 reading comprehension pack also includes additional resources to build comprehension skills of retrieval, sequencing, prediction and inference; and to activate children’s understanding so that they are able to express opinions about the texts they read and make connections to themselves, other texts and the world around them.

This unit can be taught on its own, or as part of a sequence of reading comprehension work covering non-fiction and fiction texts for the same year group, linked to the same theme.

It forms part of the Real Comprehension whole-school programme, which provides thematic fiction, non-fiction and fiction units to teach reading comprehension and promote deeper understanding in KS1 and KS2, from Year 1 to Year 6.

This Year 1 reading comprehension resource pack includes:

  • Original text PDFs - plain (ink-saver); illustrated; annotated
  • Original text PPTs - with and without highlights
  • Resourced teaching sequence - part 1, with vocab PPT
  • Resourced teaching sequence - part 2, with vocab PPT
  • Revisit the text resources
  • Full teaching notes

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