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Prefix Posters Year 3 and 4 Interactive SPaG Displays

image of Prefix Posters Year 3 and 4 Interactive SPaG Displays
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These PDF SPaG posters for Years 3 and 4 are a great way of reminding children of how prefixes can change the meanings of root words.

Trimmable example words are included, providing the opportunity to make the posters part of an interactive display.

The example words can be sorted and discussed by children; pupils can create their own examples and add them to the display; or the existing examples can be arranged around the prefix.

This primary resource pack includes:

  • Prefix posters
    Bright, colourful and clear posters, with definitions, for the prefixes ‘dis’, ‘mis’, ‘in’, ‘sub’, ‘il’, ‘inter’, ‘super’, ‘anti’, ‘re’ and ‘auto’
  • Prefix and root word cards
    Printable PDFs with the same prefixes and a selection of root words for each
  • Teacher’s notes

What is a prefix?

A prefix is a combination of letters, words or numbers that can be placed before other words to change their meaning.

Prefix examples

  • un- (unpleasant, unhappy)
  • im- (impossible, improper)
  • mis- (mislead, misplace)
  • re- (reappear, reattach)
  • pre- (prefix, prehistoric)
  • dis- (disagree, disobey)

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Pupils should be taught to add prefixes and suffixes.

  • prefix posters
  • trimmable example words
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