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KS2 Grammar Game: Year 4 Standard and Non-Standard English Make a Match

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This ‘Make a Match’ game is a fun way for pupils in Y4 to match examples of Standard and non-Standard English.

The game can be played as a class or in small groups and is perfect for adult led interventions to revisit key knowledge and skills.

This resource pack includes:
Make a Match cards: 26 sentence cards
2 Heading cards (Standard English, non-Standard English)

What is Standard English?
Standard English is used in most books, newspapers and formal documents. It also used in spoken language. It is universally understood and pupils should be able to use formal language in their writing and in formal speech.

Standard English examples
I did it! (In contrast to non-Standard English: I done it!)
I’m going to visit grandma. (In contrast to non-Standard English: I’m gonna visit grandma.)
We were visiting the park. (In contrast to non-Standard English: We was visiting the park.)

National Curriculum English programme of study links
Pupils should be taught to use Standard English forms of verb inflections instead of local spoken forms (for example, we were instead of we was, or I did instead of I done)

  • Teacher notes
  • Sentence cards
  • Heading cards
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