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KS2 Unfamiliar Words – Ambitious Vocabulary Reading Posters

image of KS2 Unfamiliar Words – Ambitious Vocabulary Reading Posters
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This pack contains five interactive KS2 inference posters illustrating different ways that children can use context clues to infer the meaning of unfamiliar words and ambitious vocabulary.

Each poster uses an amusing or interesting image accompanied by word balloons to illustrate this strategy.

Blank balloon templates and wall display resources enable you to use the children’s own ideas on your wall display.

The strategies included in this pack are:

  • Inference
  • Definition
  • Example
  • Antonym
  • Synonym

Also included in the pack are 20 unfamiliar words with their definitions so that children can use these to create their own inference sentences.

This primary resource pack includes:

Three versions of each poster

  • Completed posters
    These posters can go straight onto your classroom wall. The image is accompanied by text examples of the type of context clue shown.
  • Blank posters
    These posters are blank and ready for the class to add their own text in blank speech bubbles provided. These can then be arranged around the poster. The example text bubbles can be included as well.
  • Giant posters
    A large version of the blank poster. This can be printed off in four parts and assembled to create a larger display. Larger, blank speech bubbles are also provided.

Ambitious vocabulary words and definitions
Children can use the words here to help them write their own context clue sentences. These sentences could then written in one of the blank boxes provided, and added to the relevant poster.

  • Teacher notes
  • Completed posters
  • Posters without text
  • Giant posters
  • Wall display resources
  • Ambitious vocabulary example sheets

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