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KS2 Idioms SPaG Worksheets

image of KS2 Idioms SPaG Worksheets
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These bright, appealing grammar worksheets are a great help for practising and revising the use of idioms at KS2. There are three worksheets in total, covering the following five sections – ‘understand’, ‘challenge’, ‘test’, ‘explain’ and ‘apply’.

  • Understand

    Students identify idioms within a series of sentences

  • Challenge

    Students suggest two idioms appropriate to the situation shown within an image prompt

  • Test

    Student match three idioms to their correct definitions, and write their own definitions for a further three idioms

  • Explain

    Students choose from one of three idioms and proceed to analyse its meaning, appropriate use and effectiveness

  • Apply

    ‘These people are testing a car which can also drive through water [reference to accompanying image prompt]. How do you think they feel? Write a conversation between these three people. Include 3 idioms. These can come from your additional idioms sheet, or from the challenges on these sheets.’

What is an idiom?

A phrase or saying that has come to assume a particular meaning over time – sometimes one seemingly at odds with what its nouns, adjectives and/or verbs might suggest

  • Over my dead body
  • Wet behind the ears
  • Cold feet
  • Wrong end of the stick
  • Spill the beans
  • Can of worms

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Pupils should continue to add to their knowledge of linguistic terms, including those to describe grammar, so that they can discuss their writing and reading.

  • worksheet
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