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Role on the Wall Worksheet Template and Teaching Notes for Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2

image of Role on the Wall Worksheet Template and Teaching Notes for Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2
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Develop understanding of characters using this Role on the Wall worksheet template. Pupils can record information about characters in texts or novels that you are currently reading in groups or as a class, recording information about what they know about the character from what they have read and information that they have inferred, thinking about their actions and emotions and how these may be linked.

What is Role on the Wall?

Role on the Wall is a strategy used in drama to explore details about a character or person. It is also used as a way to explore characters when reading and is one of the many strategies used in Plazoom’s Real Comprehension, a whole school resource to develop reading skills and promote reading for pleasure.

What’s included in this resource pack?

  • A simple outline of a person with both male and female forms included
  • Teacher notes giving guidance on how the resource can be used

  • Teaching notes
  • Role on the wall worksheet x 2
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