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Words with Silent Letters – KS2 Spelling Worksheet

image of Words with Silent Letters – KS2 Spelling Worksheet
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This 3-page worksheet for children in year 5 and year 6 is an excellent way of revising and practising words with silent letters. Students can be set the following four activities as part of a classroom lesson, for assessment purposes or as a homework task:

Words with silent letters worksheet

  • Circle the silent letters in 20 examples, and identify the missing silent letters in a further 27 examples. This includes words such as: ‘knife’, ‘thistle’, ‘fasten’, ‘knee’ and ‘gnaw’.
  • Starting with a pair of image prompts, use at least word with a silent letter in a written sentence about each picture. One of the images depicts a spooky, misty castle, while the other features a man running with a sore knee.
  • Replace the underlined words or phrases in five different sentences with a word that includes a silent letter. Here’s an example: “After buying a new computer, Hannah kept her proof of payment in case she needed to bring it back to the shop”.
  • Write a short passage in response to an image prompt that includes as many words with silent letters as possible from a pre-chosen list of six: ‘wrap’, ‘gnome’, ‘naughty’, ‘taught’, ‘know’, ‘comb’.

For an extra challenge, can your students include inverted commas in one of their sentences?

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Spell some words with ‘silent’ letters (for example, ‘knight’, ‘psalm’, ‘solemn’)

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