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KS2 Word Classes – Sentence Makers Grammar Game

image of KS2 Word Classes – Sentence Makers Grammar Game
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Use this KS2 grammar game to help children learn how to recognise different word classes.

Sets of example words are available for:

  • nouns
  • verbs
  • adjectives
  • adverbs
  • determiners
  • prepositions
  • pronouns
  • conjunctions
  • interjections

This primary resource pack includes

  • Word Class Cards – coloured
    Each word class is identified using an individual colour.
  • Word Class Cards – uncoloured
    The words in this set are not identified by colour. Children can then sort these cards into word classes
  • Sentence templates
    Coloured and non-coloured sentence templates are provided. Children can reinforce their understanding of word classes by changing words for alternatives in the same word class.

  • Teacher notes
  • Word class cards - coloured so children can easily recognise to which set a word belongs
  • Word class cards - black/white so children can be challenged to identify the correct set in which words belong
  • Model sentences (coloured and black/white) - children can choose word cards to replace words of the same class

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