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World Kindness Day and Anti Bullying Week – KS1 Kind Classmates Resources Pack

image of World Kindness Day and Anti Bullying Week – KS1 Kind Classmates Resources Pack
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Would you like to promote kindness in your classroom or school? Encourage pupils to be kind to others by writing compliments about other pupils in their class.

The resource could be used on World Kindness Day or during Anti Bullying Week in November, or at any time in the school year when a sprinkling of kindness may be needed.

The resources will:

  • Inspire pupils to show kindness to others.
  • Provide opportunities to discuss why it is always important to be kind.
  • Celebrate the skills and achievements of pupils.

This pack includes:

  • Kindness Images
    Explore what kindness looks like using the thought provoking images that can be discussed in small groups or as a whole class.
  • Kindness Vocabulary Cards
    PDF word cards showing feelings and positive character traits that can be displayed in the classroom to develop pupils vocabulary
  • Blank Name cards
    A sheet of blank labels for pupils to write their names on so that all pupils are included in the writing task
  • My Brilliant Classmates Planning Sheet
    A PDF worksheet that pupils can use to record 5 brilliant things about a classmate.
  • Themed writing paper
    A PDF sheet for pupils to complete their final writing task on.
  • Teaching Slides
    These can be used to guide pupils through the activities and prompt discussion.
  • Teacher’s Notes
    Guidance on how to use the resource is given, divided into three smaller activities. Additional activities are also suggested.

When is World Kindness Day?

World Kindness Day is celebrated each year on 13 November. The idea is to celebrate and promote good deeds and acts of kindness.

When is Anti-Bullying Week?

Anti-Bullying Week takes place in November each year. This year it runs between Monday 16 to Friday 20 November.

Relationships Education Statutory Guidance (2019) links

  • Pupils should know the characteristics of friendships, including … kindness.
  • Pupils should know that healthy friendships are positive and welcoming to others, and do not make others feel lonely or excluded.

National Curriculum English programme of study links

  • Pupils will write down key words, including new vocabulary.

  • Teacher notes
  • PowerPoint
  • Kindness images
  • Vocabulary cards
  • Blank name cards
  • My Brilliant Classmate planning sheet
  • Themed writing paper
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