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Writing prompts for KS1 and KS2: Write Now! 161-200

image of Writing prompts for KS1 and KS2: Write Now! 161-200
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Write Now! is an exclusive collection of original, quirky and inspiring creative writing prompts for kids from the imagination of teacher and children’s author Hayley Scott (Teacup House), split up into five packs of 40 ideas.

Perfect for pupils in Years 1-6 (and beyond), each prompt is a springboard to take children on a writing adventure without limits, using ambitious vocabulary and all of their senses.

Whether you choose to use Write Now! for 10- or 20-minute daily or weekly sessions; for home learning; or as a warm-up for longer tasks – it’s a powerful and joyful way to promote writing for pleasure and improve outcomes in your school.

This primary resource pack includes:

  • Challenge cards

    40 cut-out writing prompts

  • Challenge checklist

    For children to add a stamp, tick or anything they like each time they complete one of the 40 challenges

  • Challenge list

    A simplified list of the 40 challenges if you want to save on printer ink or just keep a copy for your own reference

  • Letter from the author

    Hayley Scott talks about writing

  • Raffle tickets

    Number 161-200 raffle tickets to add a bit of fun in taking on the challenges randomly

  • Teacher notes

  • Teacher notes
  • Letter for pupils from Hayley Scott
  • 40 creative writing prompts presented as a list
  • 40 creative writing prompts presented as cards
  • Raffle tickets for random task allocation
  • Themed writing sheets
  • Pupils’ tick list
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