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Year 2 tricky words – Worksheets pack 6

image of Year 2 tricky words – Worksheets pack 6
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This Year 2 common exception word (CEW) pack allows pupils to practise reading and spelling a selection of the 64 tricky words.

Each worksheet includes two or three words for Key Stage 1 pupils to read, spell and understand, with an opportunity to develop letter formation using handwriting line guides.

Year 2 tricky words

Common exception words included in this pack are:

  • after, fast
  • class, grass, pass
  • father, plant
  • last, past
  • path, bath

This KS1 resource pack includes 6 PDF worksheets – one for each of the five groups of common exception words above, and an answer sheet.

Activities include

  • Explaining what makes the words tricky to read and spell
  • Finding the words in sentences: eg After his walk, the dog had a nap.
  • Copying the words out in their own handwriting
  • Unscrambling the words: eg staf, treaf
  • Putting the correct word into each sentence: eg Erin read as _____ as she could to get to the end of the book.
  • Writing their own sentences for each word

What are common exception words?

Common exception words are words which don’t follow the common rules of spelling, or which use letter combinations to represent sounds in an uncommon way.

Year 2 common exception words

  • door
  • floor
  • poor
  • because
  • find
  • kind
  • mind
  • behind
  • child
  • wild
  • climb
  • most
  • only
  • both
  • old
  • cold
  • gold
  • hold
  • told
  • every
  • everybody
  • even
  • great
  • break
  • steak
  • pretty
  • beautiful
  • after
  • fast
  • last
  • past
  • father
  • class
  • grass
  • pass
  • plant
  • path
  • bath
  • hour
  • move
  • prove
  • improve
  • sure
  • sugar
  • eye
  • could
  • should
  • would
  • who
  • whole
  • any
  • many
  • clothes
  • busy
  • people
  • water
  • again
  • half
  • money
  • Mr
  • Mrs
  • parents
  • Christmas

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Read further common exception words, noting unusual correspondences between spelling and sound and where these occur in the word

Spell common exception words

Write from memory simple sentences dictated by the teacher that include words using the GPCs, common exception words and punctuation taught so far

  • Worksheets
  • Answer sheet
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