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Year 3 Spelling Patterns Posters – KS2 Classroom Displays

image of Year 3 Spelling Patterns Posters – KS2 Classroom Displays
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Enhance your KS2 classroom displays with this set of 14 colourful posters based around Y3 spelling patterns.

Each poster shows the spelling pattern surrounded by 8 eye-catching images illustrating words that use that pattern.

Which spelling patterns are included in this classroom display pack?

The 14 spelling patterns included are:

  • prefix un-
  • prefix dis-
  • prefix mis-
  • prefix re-
  • adding vowel suffixes (-ed, -ing, -er, -en, -est)
  • suffix -ly
  • ‘su’ and ‘tu’ making the /zh/ or /ch/ sound
  • -sion
  • homophones
  • ‘y’ making the /i/ sound (gym, pyramid)
  • ‘ou’ making the /u/ sound (touch, young)
  • /k/ sound spelt ‘ch’ (orchestra, chameleon)
  • /sh/ sound spelt ‘ch’ (machine, chef)
  • /ai/ sound spelt ‘ei’, ‘eigh’ or ‘ey’ (vein, sleigh, obey)

What is included in this year 3 spelling patterns display pack?

  • A4 Posters with labelled example illustrations
  • A4 Posters with unlabelled example illustrations , so children can be challenged to identify the missing words.
  • Posters showing the spelling pattern only, so children can add their own example words and pictures
  • Individual elements of the posters to cut out and assemble as part of any larger classroom display, and added to by the children.

  • Visit our Classroom Display Collection for more inspiring resources to support teaching and learning in your classroom.

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Year 3 /4 Writing - transcription

Pupils should be taught to:

  • use further prefixes and suffixes and understand how to add them (see English Appendix 1)
  • spell further homophones
  • spell words that are often misspelt (English Appendix 1)

  • posters with text
  • posters without text
  • pupil worksheets
  • elements for wall display
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