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Year 1 Grammar Games - Using ‘and’ Sentence Builder

image of Year 1 Grammar Games - Using ‘and’ Sentence Builder
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Use Plazoom’s Sentence Builder Game to develop year 1 pupils’ understanding of how sentences can be joined using the conjunction ‘and’. Pupils will learn that the sentences to be joined must be linked by choosing two sentence idea cards on a similar theme. Pupils will then orally compose a simple sentence for each idea card before joining them using the conjunction ‘and’. The grammar game will also give pupils the opportunity to use and understand the year 1 grammar terminology in English appendix 2 when discussing their sentences.

This sentence game for KS1 can be played as a whole class as a fun English lesson starter activity or as the main focus of the lesson. It could also be used as a writing intervention in KS2 for pupils who may need to revisit using the conjunction and to create compound sentences.

What are nouns?
Nouns are words that name people, places, objects, thoughts, ideas and feelings.

What is a conjunction?
A conjunction links words, phrases or clauses and are a type of cohesive device. They can be co-ordinating (and, but, or) or subordinating (when, if, because) and are used to form multi-clause sentences.

National Curriculum English programme of study links
Pupils should be taught to join words and join clauses using and
Pupils should be taught to use and understand the grammatical terminology in English appendix 2 when discussing their writing.

  • Sentence idea cards
  • Sentence Builder game board
  • Teacher notes
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