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Year 2 Possessive Apostrophe Bingo: Grammar Games

image of Year 2 Possessive Apostrophe Bingo: Grammar Games
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This grammar Bingo game is a fun way to support pupils in Y2 to revisit using an apostrophe to show singular possession.

The game can be played as a class or in small groups and is perfect for adult led interventions to revisit key knowledge and skills.

This resource pack includes:

Bingo caller cards
10 bingo cards
Teacher’s notes

What is an apostrophe?

Apostrophes have two different uses:

Apostrophes for contraction: Showing the place of missing letters (eg I’m for I am)
Apostrophes for possession: Marking possessives (eg Hannah’s mother)

Possessive apostrophe rules

When showing singular possession, ‘s is added to the end of the word.

The apostrophe is placed after the plural form the words; -s is not added if the plural already ends in -s (ie girls’), but is added if the plural does not end in -s (ie is an irregular plural – eg children’s)

Possessive apostrophe examples

Singular possessive apostrophe

Megan’s book
Ravi’s bag
the girl’s hair
the child’s toy
the man’s smile

Plural possessive apostrophe

girls’ school
boys’ toilets
babies’ clothes
children’s games
men’s ties
mice’s tails

National Curriculum English programme of study links

  • Pupils should be taught to spell by learning the possessive apostrophe (singular)

  • Teacher notes
  • Bingo cards
  • Caller cards
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