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Years 1-6 Self Assessment and Peer Assessment Cards

image of Years 1-6 Self Assessment and Peer Assessment Cards
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Perfect for both self and peer assessments, this set of cards allows children to give and respond to constructive feedback – including success criteria for different text types, and grammar and punctuation objectives linked to every year group.

They are designed to support children in identifying strengths and weaknesses in their own writing and in the work of others.

They’re bright and appealing to stick in books, too!

This primary resource pack includes:

  • Pupil feedback cards
    Two different versions of these cards are included – one allows children to feedback on a classmate’s work and suggest ways to make it even better; the other has space for the child to respond to the feedback, and for the teacher’s comments.
  • Self-assessment grid
    This grid allows teachers or children to evaluate writing against the success criteria for a particular text type (eg persuasive writing). There is also space for the teacher or pupil to suggest next steps for improvement against those criteria.
  • Peer assessment cards
    Six assessment cards are provided, covering the grammar and punctuation objectives for each year group. They can be used for self and/or peer assessment, and stuck in children’s books.
  • Teacher’s notes

  • Pupil feedback cards (2 versions)
  • Self-assessment grid
  • Peer assessment cards
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