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Years 1 and 2 Dr Seuss ‘Letters from the Lorax’ Worksheets – KS1 Literacy Activity Pack

image of Years 1 and 2 Dr Seuss ‘Letters from the Lorax’ Worksheets – KS1 Literacy Activity Pack
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Use Dr Seuss’ timeless tale to teach environmental awareness through a literacy lens in Key Stage 1.

Eight teaching units are included, with supporting resources, each of which can be introduced to your class with a letter from the Lorax himself; and a bright wallchart will help you track and celebrate your progress and achievements.

By reading The Lorax, talking about thee book and taking part in these activities, children will:

  • Respond critically and creatively to a picture book, using text and pictures to gather information, discuss ideas, make evidence based judgements and build on what they learn.
  • Explore real-world problems through fiction, and appreciate the way stories can inspire action in real life.
  • Develop in-role oracy skills, including speaking for an audience and interviewing a character.
  • Forge a close relationship with local trees, learning about them through imaginative engagement, observation and cross-curricular discovery.
  • Develop a greater understanding of why our environment needs help (and how to provide it).
  • Be motivated and empowered to act, and understand the need to do so collectively.

  • Letters from the Lorax - 1-6
  • Teacher notes
  • Resource sheet 1
  • Resource sheet 2
  • Wall chart
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