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Keep marking manageable

Unit 6


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Marking is an important part of teaching in the primary classroom. It is used to assess pupils knowledge and understanding of an area of the curriculum and plan future lessons to extend learning. Marking can quickly build up if not completed regularly. Sue Drury shares some invaluable advice on how to keep marking manageable, using strategies that she has used in the classroom for over twenty years. From using verbal feedback to making marking purposeful, teachers could try some of Sue's tips to keep on top of that marking pile.

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Sue Drury

Sue qualified as a primary teacher in 1999. Teaching pupils from Year 1 to Year 8, she has held a variety of positions including maths and English subject leader, year leader, and assistant headteacher. Sue has mentored students and NQTs, offering guidance and advice using her years of experience.

About the Course

Sue Drury draws on 20 years of teaching and mentoring experience to run through everything you need to know for your early career years - from how to communicate with parents to planning lessons, surviving observations and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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