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Year 3 Model Text Resource Pack 16: ‘Ada Lovelace’ (Biographical recount; Computing)

image of Year 3 Model Text Resource Pack 16: ‘Ada Lovelace’ (Biographical recount; Computing)
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Real Writing Year 3 - Unit 16
Ada Lovelace, by Jo Franklin
Curriculum links: History (Computing)

Unit overview
This writing unit for Year 3 is built around an original model text by Jo Franklin - a biological recount of the life and achievements of Ada Lovelace The example text is available as a PDF in three versions (plain, illustrated and annotated); annotated and non-annotated PowerPoint presentations are also included.

In this two-week unit, pupils will read a biographical recount, describing the life of computing pioneer Ada Lovelace. They will have an opportunity to learn technical vocabulary related to logic and computing. It will culminate in them writing their own version of a biography of Ada Lovelace

Key curriculum skills
Two fully resourced lesson plans are included for Year 3 English objectives:

1. Vocabulary - To explore word families based on common words
Pupils will: revisit root words; create word family trees; sort words into families; use their knowledge of root words to work out word meanings.

2. Grammar - To extend sentences using a range of conjunctions, adverbials and prepositions
Pupils will: revisit conjunctions, adverbials and prepositions; understand that we can extend sentences by using some or all of them; identify how sentences have been extended; extend sentences.

Revisited skills
The correct use of past and present tense
the use of apostrophes for singular possession and for contraction.

Additional year 3 curriculum teaching points

  • the use of conjunctions, adverbials and prepositions to express time, place and cause
  • using sentences that include more than one clause
  • the use of paragraphs organised around a theme
  • the inclusion of organisational features such as headings and subheadings

Year 3 words: featured vocabulary
Tier two words: complex, translate
Tier three words: algorithm, analytical, calculate, computer, logic, program, programmer, mathematician, reasoning
Year 3 spellings: build, early, famous, possible, woman, women

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