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Year 4 Determiners – KS2 SPaG Challenge Mat Worksheets

image of Year 4 Determiners – KS2 SPaG Challenge Mat Worksheets
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This bright, appealing PDF grammar worksheet is an excellent way to practise and revise using determiners in Y4.

This primary resource is divided into five sections:

  • Understand
    Choose the correct determiner to finish each sentence; insert determiners to complete each sentence; write three sentences using one determiner from each column.
  • Challenge
    Look at the pictures and write a sentence about each one, trying to use a different determiner each time.
  • Test
    Circle the determiners; identify the correct position for determiners; tick sentences that include determiners.
  • Explain
    Using your own words, explain what a determiner is, using examples. Give an example of how a determiner can change the meaning of a sentence.
  • Apply
    Imagine that you are walking along a beach when you find a message in a bottle. Who wrote it? What does the message say? What did you do? Write a short story about your discovery. Use a range of determiners in your story. Choose ones which emphasise parts of the text.

The 15-minute challenge features activities that include SATs-style questions and opportunities for creative writing responses, with eye-catching images as prompts.

Determiner meaning

A determiner is word that’s used to identify which particular thing we are talking about. It specifies a noun as known or unknown and goes before any modifiers (eg adjectives or other nouns). The articles ‘the’ (definite) and ‘a’ or ‘an’ (indefinite) are the most common type of determiner.

Examples of determiners

  • Definite article : the
  • Indefinite articles : a, an
  • Demonstratives: this, that, these, those
  • Pronouns and possessive determiners : my, your, his, her, its, our, their
  • Quantifiers : enough, a little, much, many, most, some
  • Numbers : one, twenty, one hundred

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Pupils should be taught to draft and write by selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary, understanding how such changes choices can change and enhance meaning.

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