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Shakespeare KS2 Idioms – Worksheets and Cards for Sorting and Display

image of Shakespeare KS2 Idioms – Worksheets and Cards for Sorting and Display
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This primary English resource pack uses a selection of Shakespearean idioms to help KS2 children add extra colour to their writing, and assist with comprehension.

Phrase and definition cards are supplied in two sizes – for sorting and display; whilst worksheets encourage pupils to use their inference skills to work out what the phrases mean.

An answer sheet, linking phrases to their definitions, is included.

What is included in this Shakespeare KS2 resource pack?

  • Shakespearean phrase cards
    The cards are presented on separate pieces of paper so that they can be shared amongst pupils in a group. Also included are larger versions that can be used for display. Children could discuss the meaning of these phrases out of context.
  • Shakespearean phrase definitions
    These definition cards could be matched up to the correct Shakespearean idiom. They are available in a small size for sharing at a table and also for display.
  • Shakespearean phrase answer sheets
    This sheet presents the full list of Shakespearean idioms with their definitions.
  • Shakespearean phrase sentence worksheets
    Children can read the idioms in context and then try to infer their meaning. Two worksheets, each using 15 different Shakespearean idioms, are included.
  • Teacher’s notes

What is an idiom?

An idiom is a phrase, the meaning of which can not be understood through the definition of each individual word in it; they must be learnt in their entirety, and can often be specific to a particular geographical area, or period of time.

What are some examples of idioms?

  • At the drop of a hat
  • Beat around the bush
  • A piece of cake
  • Raining cats and dogs
  • Break a leg
  • Once in a blue moon

National Curriculum English Programme of Study links

  • Increase familiarity with fiction from our literary heritage
  • Explore the meaning of words
  • Make inferences, justifying these with evidence

  • Teacher notes
  • Phrase cards for sorting and display
  • Definition cards for sorting and display
  • Worksheets
  • Answer sheet
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