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KS2 Writing and Story Planning – Victorian Era Image Prompts and Inspiration Pack

image of KS2 Writing and Story Planning – Victorian Era Image Prompts and Inspiration Pack
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This download contains materials designed to assist KS2 students with writing stories set within the Victorian era. If children are to accurately portray a particular historical setting, they will require sufficient knowledge of the setting in question to clearly distinguish it from life in their own time.

The pictures and image prompts in this pack are grouped into sets, which will give students plenty of ideas to work with and convey details that will make their stories and characters truly come alive. The pack also includes some short example texts to give your students some inspiration and help them on their way.

The pack includes the following:

  • 14-page ‘Stories with a Victorian Setting’ pupil booklet containing image prompts and text fields in which students can jot down their ideas
  • 6-page ‘Story Planner’ document containing prompts and writing space for ideas relating to town settings, characters, transport, entertainment and objects/animals
  • 35-page ‘Posters’ document containing high resolution photography themed around the Victorian era, with one image per page
  • ‘Stories with a Victorian Setting’ PowerPoint presentation containing 24 slides of assorted Victorian-themed photography
  • Single-page teacher Notes document

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Pupils should be taught to draft and write narratives by creating settings, characters and plot.

  • teacher notes
  • pupil booklet
  • PowerPoint
  • story planner
  • posters
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