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Maths Stretch & Challenge Home Learning Pack - Y5/6

image of Maths Stretch & Challenge Home Learning Pack - Y5/6
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This home learning maths pack is made up of five worksheets that have been especially designed to offer extra challenge for capable mathematicians in Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6)

Each worksheet includes a range of problems on a particular UKS2 maths topic, spread across three sections. Children will need to draw on knowledge they have already been taught (some revision may be necessary), and apply problem-solving skills - some of the challenges are open-ended investigations, and could keep young learners busy for quite a while!

Answer sheets are included.

  • Percentages worksheet
  • Calculating perimeters worksheet
  • Mixed numbers and improper fractions worksheet
  • Converting measurements worksheet
  • Rounding decimals worksheet
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