Synonyms KS2 Worksheets – Ordering Adjectives for Descriptive Words Pack

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The activities in this pack help KS2 children understand the subtle differences between adjective synonyms so that they can use them accurately in their own writing. They include cards for sorting, and cloze procedure worksheets.

This primary resource pack includes:

  • Description synonyms worksheet
    Each page contains synonyms for a different word, such as ‘big’, ‘young’ and ‘loud’, and children need to fill in the blanks in sentences using the synonyms where they fit best
  • Description synonyms answer sheet
  • Description synonyms word cards
    Printable PDFs to cut out and use
  • Teacher notes

What is a synonym?

A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase.

Synonym examples

  • Nice and kind
  • Big and large
  • Tiny and minute
  • Quick and fast
  • Smelly and stinky
  • Thrilling and exciting

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Students will learn how words are related by meaning as synonyms and antonyms [for example, big, large, little].

  • Teacher notes
  • Powerful adjective cards
  • Powerful adjective cloze procedure worksheets
  • Powerful adjective cloze procedure answer sheets

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