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Dashes KS2 – Year 5 SPaG Worksheets

image of Dashes KS2 – Year 5 SPaG Worksheets
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These bright, appealing dashes KS2 grammar worksheets are a great help for practising and revising the use of this feature in Y5.

There are three worksheets in total, covering the following five sections – ‘understand’, ‘challenge’, ‘test’, ‘explain’ and ‘apply’.

  • Understand
    Looking at a series of sentences, students come up with their own text additions that are suitable for placing either between or after pre-placed dashes.
  • Challenge
    Guided by an image prompt, students write a sentence that uses a dash to create emphasis.
  • Test
    Students tick which of five sentences make correct use of a dash. They decide where to insert dashes in five existing sentences
  • Explain
    ‘Using your own words, explain how you can use dashes for effect in your writing. Give examples.’
  • Apply
    Students compose a letter of complaint that employs dashes in two sentences.

What is a dash?

A punctuation mark (–) that you can use in place of brackets or a colon to indicate a clause that provides additional or clarifying information. The shorter hyphen (-) is used to join words together so that they produce a combined meaning.

Dashes KS2 examples

  • The teacher – who had only just started at the school – was not happy.
  • My father speaks with a strong accent – he’s from Germany.
  • A friend of mine – I have many friends – was able to help me.

Pupils should be taught to indicate grammatical and other features by using brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis.

  • Worksheets featuring five sections: understand challenge test explain and apply. Activities include SATs style questions and opportunities for creative writing responses with eye-catching images as prompts
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