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Year 5 Spellings Games - Word Sorting Activity Pack

image of Year 5 Spellings Games - Word Sorting Activity Pack
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This Year 5 spelling words pack contains a variety of Upper Key Stage 2 spellings split into different Year 5 spellings patterns. Children can be given sets of word cards and asked to discuss the common spelling patterns, before sorting the cards into groups.

These Year 5 spelling games are a hands-on way to revise and improve pupils’ understanding of key spellings, in readiness for Year 5 spelling tests.

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Endings which sound like ‘shuss’, spelt -cious or -tious.

Endings which sound like ‘shul’, spelt -cial or -tial.

Words ending in -ant, -ance/-ancy, -ent, -ence/-ency.

Words ending in -able, -ible, -ably and -ibly.

Words containing the letter-string ‘ough’.

Words with ‘silent’ letters.

Words with the long ‘e’ sound, spelt ei after c.

  • teacher notes
  • teacher review sheets
  • word and pattern cards
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