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Year 5 Model Text Resource Pack 6: ‘Sir Tim Berners-Lee’ (Recount; Computing, History - communication)

image of Year 5 Model Text Resource Pack 6: ‘Sir Tim Berners-Lee’ (Recount; Computing, History - communication)
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Real Writing Year 5 - Unit 6
Sir Tim Berners-Lee by Anita Loughrey
Curriculum links: Computing; History (communication)

Unit overview
This writing unit for Year 5 is built around an original model text by Anita Loughrey - a biographical recount of the life and achievements of Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The example text is available as a PDF in three versions (plain, illustrated and annotated); annotated and non-annotated PowerPoint presentations are also included.

In this two-week unit, pupils will learn how to structure and write a biography. Our model text will teach then why Sir Tim Berners-Lee is significant and inspire them to research other significant British individuals and write biographical accounts of their lives.

Key curriculum skills
Two fully resourced lesson plans are included for Year 5 English objectives:

1. Grammar - To use commas to clarify meaning
Pupils will: revisit main and subordinate clauses; explore how commas clarify meaning; match main and subordinate clauses to create sentences; explain how commas clarify meaning and why they are important.

2. Composition - To ensure correct subject and verb agreement
Pupils will: revisit subjects and verbs; understand that subject and verb must agree in a sentence; identify verbs written in the correct tense; rewrite incorrect sentences; write a paragraph, proofreading to ensure consistent verb/subject agreement.

Revisited skills

  • using paragraphs to organise ideas
  • identifying conjunctions
  • using fronted adverbials

Additional year 5 curriculum teaching points

  • to use further organisational and presentational devices;
  • to identify and use the present tense
  • linking ideas across paragraphs using adverbials of time;
  • using relative clauses;
  • précising (summarising) texts

Year 5 words: featured vocabulary
Tier two words: account, inspire, commercial, gadget, graduate, consultant, desire, document, devise, portable, inefficient, prototype, humble, neutral, censorship
Tier three words: internet, network, hypertext, hyperlinks, software, engineer, processor, browser, tweet, metadata
Year 5 spellings: language

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