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Year 6 Model Text Resource Pack 4: ‘Visit Florida!’ (Persuasive; Geograph - North America)

image of Year 6 Model Text Resource Pack 4: ‘Visit Florida!’ (Persuasive; Geograph - North America)
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Real Writing Year 6 - Unit 4
Model text: Visit Florida by Anita Loughrey
Curriculum Links: Geography (North America)

Writing Unit Overview

This writing unit for Year 6 is built around an original model text by Anita Loughrey; a leaflet persuading tourists to visit Florida . The example text is available as a PDF in three versions (plain, illustrated and annotated); annotated and non-annotated PowerPoint presentations are also included.

During this two-week unit, pupils will read a persuasive leaflet about holiday attractions in Florida, learning how expanded noun phrases and persuasive devices are used. This unit could be used within a topic on North America, learning about a specific region (Florida). Finally, they will design their own Florida tourist attraction and write a leaflet persuading tourists to visit.

Key Curriculum Skills

Two fully-resourced lessons are included for the following UKS2 English objectives, which can form part of the unit or be taught discretely:

1. Vocabulary: To use hyphens to avoid ambiguity

Pupils will: use hyphens to create compound adjectives to describe images provided; investigate how hyphens can help avoid ambiguity by exploring phrases with and without hyphens; write a description of a tourist attraction using hyphenated words.

2. Grammar: To use expanded noun phrases to convey information concisely

Pupils will: revisit how expanded noun phrases are formed; improve given expanded noun phrases by making careful vocabulary choices so that they are clear and concise; write a diary entry about a day at the beach using expanded noun phrases.

Revisited objectives

  • using paragraphs
  • using apostrophes
  • using modal verbs
  • Creating noun phrases

Additional Year 6 objectives to teach or revisit

  • using a wider range of punctuation (colons, hyphens and commas)
  • using commas to avoid ambiguity
  • a wider range of layout devices

Year 6 vocabulary

Spelling words: leisure, queue, temperature, yacht
Tier 2 words: attraction, destination, distinct, hub, vacation
Tier 3 words: peninsular

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