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Year 6 Model Text Resource Pack 25: ‘School Report’ (Report; English - writing for a purpose)

image of Year 6 Model Text Resource Pack 25: ‘School Report’ (Report; English - writing for a purpose)
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Real Writing Year 6 - Unit 25
Model text: School Report by Jon Mayhew

Unit Overview
This writing unit for Year 6 is built around an original model text by Jon Mayhew; a formal school report for the pupil Sara Cuthbert. The example text is available as a PDF in three versions (plain, illustrated and annotated); annotated and non-annotated PowerPoint presentations are also included.

In this two-week unit, pupils will explore how a formal tone is created through the use of careful vocabulary choices and the use of the subjunctive form. They will learn how different verb forms give information about events, including the use of the perfect and perfect progressive form. In the final task, pupils will write a formal school report for themselves.

Key Curriculum Skills

1. Vocabulary: To distinguish between words that are often confused - homonyms

Pupils will: identify whether a word is being used as a noun or a verb; write sentences using the same word as both a noun and a verb.

2. Grammar: To select appropriate grammar, understanding how these choices can change and enhance meaning - verb forms

Pupils will: identify the verb form used in given sentences; write a report about a recent trip for the school newsletter using the past perfect and past perfect continuous form.

Revisited skills

  • using adverbials
  • commas to separate clauses
  • modal verbs

Additional Y6 teaching points

  • levels of formality in speech and writing
  • subjunctive form
  • sing adverbials to create cohesion
  • the use of semi-colons to separate independent clauses
  • hyphens to avoid ambiguity

Year 6 words: featured vocabulary
Spelling words: achieve, available, average, develop, excellent, suggest
Tier 2 words: capable, curriculum, deteriorate, effort, impatient, perseverance, progress, study

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