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Year 1 Model Text Resource Pack 6: Autumn Changes (Report; Science, geography - seasonal changes and weather patterns)

image of Year 1 Model Text Resource Pack 6: Autumn Changes (Report; Science, geography - seasonal changes and weather patterns)
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Real Writing Year 1 - Unit 6
Model text: Autumn Changes, by Mike Davies
Curriculum links: Science, geography (seasonal changes and weather patterns)

Unit overview
This writing unit for Year 1 is built around an original model text by Mike Davies - a simple non-chronological report stating what pupils might observe in autumn, using simple subheadings to organise information. The example text is available as a PDF in three versions (plain, illustrated and annotated); annotated and non-annotated PowerPoint presentations are also included.

In this two-week unit, pupils will help to create a class book about autumn, writing simple sentences.

Key curriculum skills
Three fully-resourced lessons are included for the following Year 1 English objectives, which can form part of the unit or be taught discretely:

1. Vocabulary: to add the suffix -er to words where no change is needed to the root word
Pupils will: learn how the suffix -er can be added to words.

2. Grammar: to combine words to create sentences
Pupils will: learn how to combine words to create simple sentences, orally rehearsing them before writing.

3. Punctuation: to begin to punctuate sentences with capital letters and full stops
Pupils will: compose sentences orally and begin to punctuate these using capital letters and full stops.
Additional teaching points to teach or revisit:

  • saying out loud what they are going to write about
  • composing sentences orally before writing
  • reading aloud their own writing

Year 1 words: featured vocabulary
Common exception words: I my house our friend school you me so was he a she one says the there we
Tier 2 words: apples, blackberries, rosehips, pears, chestnuts, pumpkins, swell, shrubs, hoarding, feast, swallow, swift
Tier 3 words: autumn, weather, seasons, wind, chill, clouds, gust, fog

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