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Emotion Graphs Resources Pack: Templates and Teaching Notes

image of Emotion Graphs Resources Pack: Templates and Teaching Notes
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Develop understanding of characters using this emotion graphs worksheet. Pupils can explore how characters feel about particular events and record how these feelings change in a section of a story or throughout a book that you are reading.

The resource includes a simple graph that can be adapted for use with different characters and/or books. It could also be used to record how real people may have reacted to events throughout their lifetime, for example, how a Roman soldier might have felt at different points during a battle.

What is included in this whole-school resource pack?

  • Emotions graph worksheet templates
  • Teacher notes

How can these resources be used?

The resources can be used to explore characters’ feelings about different events in a story that you have read. This could be discussed as a class and completed as the story is read, or pupils could complete the graph independently, comparing and explaining their graph with others.

Emotion graphs are a strategy used to explore characters’ feelings and emotions. It is one of the many strategies used in Plazoom’s Real Comprehension, a whole-school resource to develop reading skills and promote reading for pleasure.

National Curriculum English programme of study links:

To understand what they read by drawing inferences, such as inferring characters feelings ... from their actions and justifying these with evidence.

  • Emotions graph worksheet templates
  • Teacher notes
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