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KS2 Pronouns Worksheet - Year 6 Story Starter

image of KS2 Pronouns Worksheet - Year 6 Story Starter
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This pronouns worksheet has been designed to help children revisit and recall a key grammatical concept from the National Curriculum programme of study for Year 6.

The session provides a motivating and memorable image to stimulate discussion, before introducing the grammar element, which is ‘pronouns’. Children have time to practise using this feature, before undertaking a short writing task to apply what they have learnt in the context of creative writing.

This worksheet can also be used to cover pronouns in Year 5.

What is a pronoun?

Pronouns are often used in place of a noun that has already been mentioned in a text, to avoid repetition.

Pronoun examples

The magical sky ship flew through the clouds. It was on a special mission.

Captain Amula was the captain and it was her job to keep the ship safe.

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Choosing nouns or pronouns appropriately for clarity and cohesion and to avoid repetition.

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