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SATs Practice Papers - Year 5 Spellings

image of SATs Practice Papers - Year 5 Spellings
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This pack contains six practice SATs papers for KS2. These SATs spelling tests are perfect for assessment at the end of each half term of Year 5.

Each Year 5 spelling test worksheet contains 20 questions and an answer sheet. A question overview list indicates which spelling patterns are covered by each question, so that you can easily see which spelling patterns need further support.

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Use the prefixes un-, dis-, mis-, re-, pre-

Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable

The suffix -ly

Words with endings sounding like ‘zh’ and ‘ch’

Words with endings which sound like ‘zhun’

The ‘i’ sound spelt ‘y’ elsewhere than at the end of words

The ‘u’ sound spelt ‘ou’

Words with the ‘k’ sound spelt ‘ch’ (Greek in origin)

Spell words with the ‘sh’ sound spelt ‘ch’ (mostly French in origin)

Words with the ‘ay’ sound spelt ‘ei’, ‘eigh’ or ‘ey’

  • spelling patterns overview list
  • six spelling test sheets with answers
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