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Inspire brilliant writing and a real passion for books in your pupils, by bringing the authors they love into their classroom! Especially recorded to be played in schools, our lively podcast features well-loved children’s writers talking candidly about their life and work, and offering insider tips and advice to help listeners add a touch of professional magic to their own stories…

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Episode 1
Planning a Plot, with Robin Stevens (Episode 1)
Episode 2
Creating Characters, with Sam Copeland (Episode 2)
Episode 3
Building Fantasy Worlds, with Jamie Littler (Episode 3)
Episode 4
Building Suspense, with Struan Murray (Episode 4)
Episode 5
Creating Magical Creatures, with Cressida Cowell...
Episode 6
Compelling Non-fiction, with Prof. Robert Winston...
Episode 7
Researching Stories, with Dermot O’Leary (Episode 7)
Episode 8
Using Humour in Non-fiction Writing, with Dara Ó Briain...
Episode 9
A New Take on a Classic Tale, with Michael Morpurgo –...
Episode 10
Finding Your Voice, with Benjamin Zephaniah (episode 11)
Episode 11
Telling stories from the past, with Bali Rai (episode 12)
Episode 12
Making objects magical, with Joan Haig (episode 13)
Episode 13
Writing about what you love, with Dan Freedman (episode...
Episode 14
Weird and wonderful reality, with Frank Cottrell-Boyce...
Episode 15
Daydreaming a Poem, with Michael Rosen (episode 16)
Episode 16
Characters Overcoming Difficulties, with Helen Rutter...
Episode 17
Choose your own adventure! with Rhianna Pratchett...
Episode 18
A Cast of Characters, with Lauren Child (episode 19)
Episode 19
Putting Characters in Unfamiliar Places, with Jacqueline...
Episode 20
A Story From a Story, with Phil Earle (episode 21)
Episode 21
Stewing Up a Story, with Maz Evans (episode 22)
Episode 22
Create a Supervillain, with Liz Pichon (episode 23)
Episode 23
Combining Worlds, with Justin Somper (episode 24)
Episode 24
Fearless Fairy Tales, with Konnie Huq (episode 25)
Episode 25
Collecting Ideas for Characters, with Lisa Thompson...
Episode 26
Keeping up the pace, with Jason Rohan (episode 27)
Episode 27
Bringing Mythology Into the Modern World, with Louie...
Episode 28
Prompting Poetry, with Joseph Coelho (Episode 29)
Episode 29
Writing a Christmas Story, with Catherine Doyle (episode...

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