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Inverted commas: getting speech punctuation right at KS2

Perfectly punctuating dialogue is something that can trip up even experienced editors - but this quick guide should help pupils get it...

Letter writing in KS1 and KS2: nine tips for delivering great lessons

No matter how convenient it is to tap out a text, the epistolary art is still a valuable skill for children to learn...

Teaching alliteration: top tips and pitiful pitfalls

Adding rhetorical flourishes will help children achieve greater depth writing - but only if they know why they’re doing it...

Y5 relative clauses: 9 useful tips that promote confident teaching

Use these smart strategies to turn a challenging grammar topic into something that’s, well, relatively simple!

KS2 similes and metaphors: nine ways to teach with confidence

The effective use of descriptive language is key for greater depth writing - so here's how to help pupils bring their ideas to life...

Year 4 fronted adverbials: eight teaching tips to make it easy

It’s a notoriously (and perhaps surprisingly) challenging topic - but it's time to take the fear out of teaching fronted adverbials...

KS2 modal verbs: nine teaching tips you may/might/will want to follow

By the end of Year 5, children need to be able to identify and use modal verbs - but can you?

5 tips for stress-free homeschooling

Just a few small changes to the daily routine can really help keep children engaged whilst learning at home, suggests Charlotte Gater...

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